Supercomputer to build A.I. factories.

An intelligent storage solution

SPIKE is a new device that we have developed based on many discussions and requirements of our customers. The future of digitalization requires mass storage capabilities in a very small space.

This concerns all industries that produce an undefined amount of data through A.I. or manage any amount of data that will generate with artificial intelligence.

Hard drives with intelligence.

Automatic indexing of audio, video, meta, pytorch tensors, any vector based int8 to fp32 objects. Web & api search. In cluster mode, you can connect several SPIKE nodes with an GigE port to port as well control several spikes over a 10 GigE switch. The NVIDIA device acts as a storage controller for 14 SSD NVME slots.

Spike is compatible to all GUSTAV Edge devices, that works perfectly when you need more AI models to execute at the same time.

The main CPU is a ARM64 with an embedded GPU that has 1024 GPU cores. For memory, you have 16 GB RAM for additional indexing services, AI Models, vector databases etc. that can directly executed on the device.

Hard drives with intelligence.

  • Production houses
  • Media houses
  • Industrial Factories
  • Smart Cities
  • Mobile data mining
  • Robotics
  • Hospitals
  • Intranet search engines

Spike Applications

  • Text to speech
  • Speech to text
  • OCR & document indexing
  • Visual searching | audio & video tagging
  • Face & person identification
  • Secure person anonmizations
  • Acclerated webervices
  • Hardware crypto & authentications

How to order?

SPIKE is ready for order, to get a quote, please use the contact form. We response in less then 24 hours.

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