rebotnix technologies have been developing software and hardware solutions in the field of computer vision for many years. These are our latest products.


A.I. Mini Supercomputer


Get real-time visual computing artificial intelligence (AI) performance where you need it most with the high-performance, low-power by hundreds of GPU cores, fan-less, and black anodized aluminum. Gustav is the fastest AI supercomputer, based on NVIDIA™ Jetson® TX2.

GUSTAV Enterprise

Multi-function Hardware and Software Platform

GUSTAV Enterprise Half Rack

The half-inch rack version of GUSTAV Enterprise was designed for in low energy data centers, for production factories, security applications or media houses. A high level of low-power machines that are able to execute machine learning models, low latency video image processing or in-expensive video transcoding is more required than ever before. This half-rack version of Gustav Enterprise includes NVIDIA™ Jetson® TX2 or AGX Xavier.

GUSTAV Enterprise IP65

The particularly robust A.I. system

The IP65 version of the GUSTAV Enterprise offers a suitable option for working with artificial intelligence under extreme conditions. The housing is dustproof and protects against water or dust from any angle. GUSTAV Enterprise IP65 is based on NVIDIA™ Jetson® XAVIER only.

GUSTAV Enterprise Mobile

Transportable A.I. System


For critical applications in factories, GUSTAV Enterprise Mobile was developed as a transportable AI system. The mobile version allows evaluating complex machine learning based models, directly at production state. It is based on NVIDIA™ Jetson® XAVIER only.


Ethernet iOS Adapter


Apple iOS devices are great, but sometimes Wifi is not adequate to transmit through walls, or company policies prohibit connection of iOS devices to Wifi networks. Exactly at this point RB-Connect rectifies the problem by providing a cable ethernet connection to your iOS device.