REBOTNIX builds A.I. solutions for the industry.

Over 2400 satisfied customers & 150 custom projects worldwide.

Development and planning of AI based end products

REBOTNIX provides maintenance planners with hardware and software equipment to give them a comprehensive insight into the world of AI, while at the same time increasing availability in maintenance and production as well telecommunication and media. This broad know-how is necessary to provide our customers with an end product from all areas of the industry such as manufacturing, telecommunications and media.



REBOTNIX develops for the industry software and hardware for preventive maintenance and machine control. In the product portfolio we develop the computer central unit, the visual recognition and the sensor technology. The combination of existing and old IoT architecture such as a Siemens Simatic S5 is one of our main focuses.


Another focus of REBOTNIX is the development of intelligent network solutions. Our VPN solutions can be easily connected worldwide using cost-effective hardware. In addition to the control of visual end devices, so-called video encoders, and transcoders, it is also possible to operate the REBOTNIX hardware for a decentralized internet without data centers at low cost. We know about 3G, 4G (LTE),  5G , RTK GPS, COFDM Modulations, Wireless bands from 900MHZ up to 5.8GHZ worldwide.


REBOTNIX has over 10 years of experience in the processing of visual and audio data. We bring this know-how not only to the manufacturing industry, but also to media companies and producers. In addition to the real-time capability of our image recognition, we can also compress videos more efficiently by using AI and distribute them from A to B more cost-effectively.



Our main business is the construction and creation of ready-to-use products for industry.  Our customers can complete their projects quickly, cost-effectively and reliably with our stand products. We process aluminium, titanium or plastics on our own InHouse CNC machines. Our 3D printers offer fast delivery times in highest industrial quality. We manufacture protection classes from IP30 to IP67. We manufacture and assemble all products in Germany.


With our AI tools, customers can either let us build their data into a model, or alternatively these customers can build their model themselves without data-scientist. The execution of these models on low energy computers is one of our highest goals. For this we are experts for NVIDIA embedded Jetson modules.


Our software strength lies in the frameworks Pytorch, Tensorflow, Yolo, OpenCV,. Optimizations through TensorRT, Deepstream. We can also develop FPGA and customized CUDA kernels. Our main languages are Python, C,C++ and Javascript in combination with NodeJS. Video processing in the codecs H264, HEVC, VP8, VP9, ProRes, JPG, JPEG2000, AV1 as well as all related protocols such as RTMP, TCP, UDP, SRT are mastered in highest quality and precision. We support customer filters and binaries for FFmpeg and GS-Streamer. All software modules can be executed on ARM 64 or X86 64 Bit operating systems.




REBOTNIX new SRT HEVC & AVC video encoder RB-Stream enables low latency end-to-end transport of secure, HQ video to private networks and to all known social media platforms worldwide. In combination with our SRT Gateway, we offer signal transmission in combination with AI to analyse audio and video in realtime.



REBOTNIX vision tools is a collection of software tools for the daily work with our powerful hardware components. Each tool can be purchased separately or tested for free.


A.I. mini supercomputer


Get real-time visual computing artificial intelligence (AI) performance where you need it most with the high-performance, low-power by hundreds of GPU cores, fan-less, and black anodized aluminum. Gustav is the fastest AI supercomputer, based on NVIDIA™ Jetson® TX2.

GUSTAV enterprise

Multi-function hardware and software platform


In the midst of the industry revolution, manufacturers must make full use of production facilities and have all available data and predictive analyses, stored and automatically evaluated.

GUSTAV enterprise IP65

The particularly robust A.I. system

The IP65 version of the GUSTAV Enterprise offers a suitable option for working with artificial intelligence under extreme conditions. The housing is dustproof and protects against water or dust from any angle. GUSTAV Enterprise IP65 is based on NVIDIA™ Jetson® XAVIER only.

GUSTAV enterprise mobile

transportable A.I. System


For critical applications in factories, GUSTAV Enterprise Mobile was developed as a transportable AI system. The mobile version allows evaluating complex machine learning based models, directly at production state. It is based on NVIDIA™ Jetson® XAVIER only.

A.I. Media Gateway


A.I. Media Gateway

REBOTNIX A.I. Media Gateway is a high-performance solution for the secure routing of audio, video and data streams. For this we use standard IP networks. This bridge offers the possibility to convert low delay signals which were not possible before.

GUSTAV enterprise for media houses

1080p60 SDI or HDMI inputs

GUSTAV Enterprise Half Rack

The half-inch rack version of GUSTAV Enterprise for Media contains a 1080p60 SDI or HDMI capture card. The package also includes rebotnix RB-Stream Studio for using Gustav as a media gateway for any protocol.  This half-rack version of Gustav Enterprise includes NVIDIA™ Jetson® TX2 or AGX Xavier.

GUSTAV enterprise for media houses

4kp60 SDI inputs


The half-inch rack version of GUSTAV Enterprise for Media contains a 2160p60 SDI or HDMI capture card. The package also includes rebotnix RB-Stream Studio for using GUSTAV as a media gateway for any streaming protocol.  This half-rack version of Gustav Enterprise includes NVIDIA™ Jetson® TX2 or AGX Xavier.



Ethernet iOS adapter


Apple iOS devices are great, but sometimes Wifi is not adequate to transmit through walls, or company policies prohibit the connection of iOS devices to Wifi networks. Exactly at this point, RB-Connect rectifies the problem by providing a cable ethernet connection to your iOS device. RB-Connect can directly connect to any of our products who has an ethernet input.


3G / 4G LTE Modem

RB-Node offers exceptional cellular connectivity over 3G/4G LTE modems from major network carriers. With external high-gain antennas, RB-Node gives you very robust internet in the most challenging broadband environments. RB-Node works perfectly in combination with all GUSTAV products.

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