GUSTAV XAVIER AGX ORIN is a game changer

Our new GUSTAV Xavier AGX Orin is a game changer.

With the release of the new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX Orin module, we are following our low-energy strategy and have developed an entirely new AI hardware based on the NVIDIA Orin devkit that will shape all industries.

We are now expanding our portfolio and customer areas from manufacturing, recycling and smart city to agriculture and biotechnology and automotive. We enable faster data processing, direct fault detection and on-site optimization. 

The result of GUSTAV Orin is a new edge computer, the GUSTAV Xavier Orin. This is a consequent step to make it possible to train AI models on edge computers. The ability to collect data directly in the field and train it overnight to better models opens up completely new possibilities for all industries.

We have ported our VISIONTOOLS to an optimized ARM64 CPU with full access to the internal GPU and all accelerators. Besides the AI models we re-wrote new SSL web services libraries, cuda encryption software, data augmentation, project and user management.

The first results were overwhelming. With only 4 CPU cores we were able to train our AI models in conjunction with the GPU cores at 18 watts and batch sizes that addressed more than 24 GB. You can visit our hardware page to learn more when GUSTAV Xavier AGX orin is available.

Do we sound exciting? Yes, cause this solution will open us more market that requires state of the art computer vision.You can visit our hardware page to learn more when GUSTAV Xavier AGX orin is available. (Link)

View our first GUSTAV Orin Video to learn more.

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