🌿 CO2 Meets AI

🌿 CO2 Meets AI
We have completed the beta phase of our CO2 module for our VISIONTOOLS. With the new energy module, we measure the real CO2 exchange as well as the power consumption for each AI of the training sessions in realtime. 

The subdivision is done in the overall data collection based on the real CO2 value of our energy suppliers. In addition, we calculate an overhead of the efficiency of the electronics and can include costs in addition to CO2. VISIONTOOLS software is used by our industrial customers like AT&T, Aurubis AG, REMONDIS, Hensoldt AG and many more to build their AI Business.

It is a combination of our fine-tuned software and hardware components. Our Green AI Association will help our customer continue to work on CO2 compliance in data centers and the use of low energy AI. Through our Green AI certificates and VISIONTOOLS, we demonstrate sustainability and meet climate goals. Link VISIONTOOLS

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