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REBOTNIX is a leading provider of industrial solutions for smart city, energy, recycling, manufacturing and we operate our solutions in data centers in Germany and Europe. With more than 100 successful AI projects, REBOTNIX offers innovative and sustainable products and services that include both software and hardware. Our goal is to increase the efficiency and profitability of our customers.

As a general contractor, we take on the planning, installation and maintenance of complex AI applications that meet high requirements in terms of security and quality. Industrial customers benefit from our many years of experience and technical know-how in this area.

GUSTAV on the edge


GUSTAV is a state-of-the-art AI system based on an ARM64 BIT CPU with an integrated NVIDIA embedded GPU. Our hardware was designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind. If you want to run your software on a high-performance edge system, our GUSTAV is the best choice.

State of the art components


For our hardware we offer optimized software development support. The software supports visual computing modules, inference engines, for HQ-RTK-GPS, industrial cameras, LTE modems.

The net result is better prediction performance for application developers without the need to build their own hardware or software to start.


Changing technology

By supplying software and hardware, we show under the Showcase section some examples of what can be built in conjunction with our A.I. based models.

Every watt counts

Low energy data center

In the coming years, data centers will be faced with ever increasing data processing loads.

Although data center managers are looking for ways to meet the ever-increasing demand for AI processors, the only solution is to create a data center with low power consumption and a high degree of data processing efficiency.

For this reason, we have developed our low energy server modules to meet the need for production-ready AI models.

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