Our Platforms

We build our platforms with our own software and hardware. They are efficiency and reliability.

A B2B digital media asset platform


VOICESURFER , the market leader for creating synthetic content uses our REBOTNIX datacenter and technology since over several years now.

With VOICESURFER, you can generate high Professional content that contains audio, video. This platform is a general contractor when it comes to the production of synthetic content.

REBOTNIX Platforms

Easy to use services

REBOTNIX platforms have the goal to make AI based services quickly and reliably accessible to everyone.

The REBOTNIX platforms tools consist several frameworks that REBOTNIX team has developed by themself. This includes frontend developments, backend, encryption technologies, secure billing and payment gateways with credit card providers. Keeping operating costs as low as possible is the primary goal of all platforms.


Any developed platform can be tested immediately without a credit card.

Secure payment handling

Each payment is verified and goes through computerized processes as well as human checks.

Operation around the clock

Several load balancer mechanisms are in operation 24/7 to ensure that all services are functioning reliably.

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