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VISIONTOOLS The videos shows our VISIONTOOLS and how we label, train and export AI models. Learn more about VISIONTOOLS. (LINK)


REBOTNIX G-OS™  is a real-time operating system based on the unix ARM64. We see a very high demand for real-time applications in the field of artificial …

REBOTNIX Camera & Sensors

We ship our first RB-Camera, a 2 Megapixel USB3 industrial camera. With a very big package with optimized software from your embedded visiontools package. OpenCV, …

🌿 CO2 Meets AI

🌿 CO2 Meets AIWe have completed the beta phase of our CO2 module for our VISIONTOOLS. With the new energy module, we measure the real …

Green AI Assocication

REBOTNIX launches the Green AI association.  Until now, operators of AI business applications have not had to worry about their energy and CO2 consumption. However, …

Low energy data center

Last year we introduced our first REBOTNIX Low Energy Data Center. Today, we already offer a total of 4 service platforms . More than 70 …

The datafleet is here

REMONDIS DataFleet GmbH has partnered with the GUSTAV SmartCity low energy system from REBOTNIX. The AI-based system stores and evaluates all desired events from the …

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