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REMONDIS DataFleet GmbH has partnered with the GUSTAV SmartCity low energy system from REBOTNIX. The AI-based system stores and evaluates all desired events from the road environment directly in the vehicle, all in accordance with EU data protection guidelines. REBOTNIX delivers AI models optimized for the Smart City, with initial use cases such as dirty, faded or overgrown traffic signs, potholes, or construction site conditions. Using the new REBOTNIX AI training machines and REBOTNIX VISIONTOOLS, AI models can be developed independently and made available to vehicles “over the air”. REBOTNIX supports DataFleet through the wide range of available AI products, which includes software and hardware components.

Technical facts

If you add up the number of computer cores in just 100 vehicles, the installed GUSTAV Smart City systems have available 38,400 – 51,200 low energy GPU cores (between 3 and 30 watts) with which to perform their tasks intelligently. This turns the vehicles into a decentralized low-energy AI supercomputer on wheels, or in other words, a true data fleet. The areas of application and added value for cities and for the private sector are abundant. 

REBOTNIX CEO, Gary Hilgemann

I am very pleased that we could win another customer from the industry for the REBOTNIX products. This kind of AI-based platform only works if all parties involved are both willing and willing to cooperate. Many thanks go to the REMONDIS Group as well to our long-standing partner, NVIDIA. As always, a big thank you to my great team who put such projects into 24/7 operation with such strong willpower. 

REMONDIS DataFleet GmbH, Managing Director, Johannes Schön

“DataFleet aims to make cities cleaner and safer. As a global fleet operator of waste disposal vehicles, we regularly drive on all the streets of a city – down to the last corner. With the Smart City solution from REBOTNIX, we are able for the first time to collect relevant information about road conditions and the surrounding areas and make it immediately available to our customers. All this in compliance with data protection and without additional CO2 pollution”.

The REBOTNIX Smart City solution is located here. Link

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