VOICESURFER is a platform for the automatic generation of human-sounding voices and video feeds. VOICESURFER provides international translations for your local content. Since 2020 VOICESURFER is an integral part of REBOTNIX. A separate development department takes care of the product development of VOICESURFER in Berlin and in the US.

Video Features

  • Digital avatars of real people, digitized with VOICESURFER
  • Syncroriation from audio to video face
  • Ultra-fast translation service from language A to B
  • Video translation engine for realtime transitions
  • Technical Features (automatic mode):
  • Creation of digital human avatars (from Text)
  •  HQ audio text to speech
  •  Create your own digital avatar for your brand
  •  Translation service (german<->english)
  •  Overlay dubbing
  •  Audio to face-mesh sync
  •  Picture-in-picture mixing of Images & videos
  •  Greenscreen & color correction
  • Export to 1080p60 (future up to 4kp60)

Audio Features

  • Choose between 64 Human Sounding Voices
  • Generate synthetic audio files from text
  • Ultra-fast translation service
  • High-Quality CD audio files up to 44.100 HZ
  • Export audio files to common software like Adobe Premiere, Apple final cut pro

TV Station Templates

For media houses, we offer complete automation of all media process for their raw-content. The template can create intros, design transitions up to the automatic greenscreen. The fields of application are so diverse. Create your own TV stations in a few hours with digitalized real people and content. Of course, license-free audio material is not missing.

Video demo 1

Video demo 2

Audio text to speech demos


  • E-Learning & E-Commerce
  • Customer Technical Support
  • Real Estate
  • Social Media publishing
  • Human business resources

Status of the platform?

The platform is available and in production. Please fill out the form to get more details.

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