Detect visible & invisible objects

Fire Detection Model

Where every second counts

Fire causes billons of dollars of damage every year worldwide. With our new solution, we can connect any existing IP camera to our edge device. On top we can connect our tiny real RB-Themal sensor. With RB-Thermal you get more robustness in the heat detection as when you just have an 2D-image that is captured from an IP-Camera. This model can only be licensed with our GUSTAV NX or AGX.

1 x GUSTAV edge devices
1 x IP camera or RB-thermal
1 x Fire model

Secure head & Person

Crowd Detector

Perfect for data anonmisations

Our crowd detection model is suitable for the anomization of faces or persons. This model detects the front and back of a head, as well as the person. There are two categories that this model offers. It is ideal for counting at trade shows, train stations or other places. The metadata does not contain image data and follows the high standard of the European Data Protection Regulation.

1 x GUSTAV edge device
1 x IP camera or RB-Thermal
1 x RB-crowd model

Detect any plates

License plate detection & recognition

For any plates worldwide

REBOTNIX license plate uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to outperform traditional plates detection solutions. The model captures signs that can be used for anonmization. The model, an OCR detection can capture the letters and numbers for a stable recognition.

1 x GUSTAV Edge Devices
1 x IP camera or RB-Thermal
1 x RB-license plate model

Optional you can make images or license plate unrecognizable.

Weapon Detection

Weapon Detection

Perfect for data anonmisations

There are many places where the crime rate caused by the use of weapons is very high. Early detection of potentially violent situations is of utmost importance for the safety of citizens. One way to prevent such situations is to detect dangerous items in surveillance video via live.

Current surveillance and control systems still require human monitoring and intervention. We present a system for automatic detection of weapons on videos suitable for surveillance and control purposes. Our model is early detection of these weapons using deep learning techniques optimized by real-time video security and minimization of computational overhead in training and operation.

1 x GUSTAV Edge Devices
1 x IP Camera or RB-Thermal
1 x RB-Weapon model

80 classes, optimized to edge

General Model

Comes with every model

As a basis for our engine, we deliver ready-made models for each device. The gernell model has been optimized with over 80 classes and are available in multiple languages for recognition.

1 x GUSTAV edge devices
1 x IP camera or RB-Thermal
1 x RB-general model

Visual inspection

Industrial cases

Energy, recycling and manufacturing

Our new same-object detection method finds application in the manufacturing industry. The goal is to find the same objects in the context.

1 x GUSTAV Edge Devices
1 x Rebotnix Industrial IP67 Camera
1 x RB-Fire model

Inference, SDK & API

Make things simple

From user to developer

In addition to the hardware and models, we also deliver our own inference engine. The engine works with the optimized models and outperforms other frameworks. The engine does not require Pytorch, Mxnet or Tensorflow or similar.

Ships with every hardware & model licenses.




GUSTAV is our hardware platform, which is based on NVIDIA embedded GPU and a power-saving ARM CPU. In addition to the hardware, we are now releasing our efficiently tuned hardware and with production ready AI models.

If you discover errors in our models, we are able to improve them in a very short time through very efficient autolabelling and in-house retraining. The following models provide an overview of our hardware and software service catalogue, which we are constantly expanding.

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