RB-Connect is a Lightning Ethernet Adapter

Apple iOS devices are great, but sometimes Wifi is not adequate to transmit through walls, or company policies prohibit connection of iOS devices to Wifi networks. Exactly at this point RB-Connect rectifies the problem by providing a cable ethernet connection to your iOS device. No separate software is necessary. The adapter works immediately after the Lightning Connector is connected.

There are three types of RB-Connect



This is our RB-Connect adapter without charging function. The adapter does not require any extra software. Drivers are provided directly from the adapter to the Apple device. This adapter is ideal for network admins in all situations where fast and complicated IP configuration is required.

RB-Connect charging option


This adapter has the option to charge the iOS device. Any standard Lightning power supply or battery can be used to power the iOS. Charging is controlled by the Apple operating system. This adapter also works without the external power supply.

RB-Connect NDI


NDI is a network protocol from Newtek. This RB-Connect enables better communication with NDI devices and terminals. If you want to learn more about NDI, please visit Newtek webside. We have created a special page for the NDI version of our RB-Connect.

RB-Connect use case scenarios


Wifi is almost always impossible at trade fairs. The RB-Connect enables you to establish a wired LAN connection to make your trade fair appearance a success.


If in the security standard in your company is not allowed to establish Wifi bound connections, RB-Connect is the safest solution within the company network to establish a VPN connection, whether from outside or within the own LAN network.

Medicial Applications

Medical applications require separate radiation of external Wifi signals. Apple devices are now an integral part of the medical world. In hospitals, laboratories or medical practices, these devices are used every day for daily work. RB-Connect meets the highest demands for medical applications.

RB-Connect Video Trailer


  • Q: What is the difference to Apple’s original adapters which can be connected from an Ethernet and Lightning adapter.
    • A: It is not possible to operate these adapters without external power. Our RB-Connect can be operated without an external power source. This makes RB-Connect ideal for configuring network routers, IP cameras or other IP-based devices.

What others say about RB-Connect

We have built a portable medical ultrascanner to make quick diagnoses in case of accidents directly on site. RB-Connect enables the evaluation of the ultrasound on an iPad and the result can be immediately transferred to the hospital to initiate further measures when the patient is already on the move. Tim Paris – Denver University, USA

I work daily in the data center with Cisco routers and fiber channel storage. The fast configuration with my iPhone and the RB-Connect adapter allows a fast and flexible and safe work. Tommes Lior, Level(3) Data Center Project Manager

As an event manager for trade shows like NAB in Las Vegas or IBC in Amsterdam, it is necessary that our customers have stable Internet for their demos in connection with Apple devices. RB-Connect offers exactly this possibility to provide stable internet at trade fairs. Michael Leonard, Big-5 Event Manager.