RBM-90 tiny motherboard for RB-10x

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Tiny motherboard for RB-10x (38244).

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This small motherboard module is a interface extender to the RB-100 and RB-106 carrier boards. The RBM_90 plugs underneath the carrier board. The top view shows the 2 motherboard connectors. The bottom view shows the 3 Phoenix connectors for power, CAN and RS232. The RBM-90 has a low cost RC network instead of the Ethernet magnetics. Therefore only short Ethernet cables to connect within a system or a room are allowed. The maximum isolation voltage is only 50V.

Technical details

  • model: 38244
  • USB2: micro USB 2 for data (mouse/keyboard) and firmware upgrade
  • 100BT Ethernet with RC network (no magnetics) for very short Ethernet cable connections
  • 3 buttons for reset, power and force recovery
  • 3 4 pin Phoenix connectors (1778780) for power, RS232 port (UART1), and CAN
  • 2 switches to enable CAN termination (120 Ohm) and CAN power (5V)
  • UART1: RS232 levels
  • UART2: 3.3V TTL level
  • optional Lithium battery (MS621FE) for the TX1 real time clock (RTC)
  • 5V power out
  • on board DC-DC converter: 7 to 17V in, 5V 3A out for USB, CAN and more
  • size: 50 x 32.5 mm
  • power in: 7 to 17V (for RBM-90, RB-100/RB-106 and TX1)