RB-360 4K Decoder HDMI

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RB-360 4K Decoder HDMI



The RB-360 is a 4kp60 Decoder (Camera not included).

Streaming and File Decode

Media playback from streaming over RTMP or RTSP in 4K Ultra HD HEVC or 4k AVC.

The RB-360 Web UI includes a simple to use interface for controlling the Decoder.

Network Protocol Translation & Streaming Service

Network protocol translation applications are increasingly becoming more common. The internal RB-360 Decoder and Media Streamer to a publicly available live camera via RTMP or RTSP, UDP and many more.


Input 4K or Ultra-HD HEVC, AVC. The RB-360 Decoder supports streaming via Gigabit Ethernet.


HDMI Interface 2.0a Standard.