Pixelcam enables real time processing of video files or live signals. The solution consists of a hardware component with NVIDIA’S GPU units and various software modules. PIXELCAM works onPremise, no cloud connection is required.


  • onPremise A.I. solution
  • 3 different robust tracking modes
    • Based on patented CNN model
  • robust head detection / front / side / back
    • Better then any other face detection
  • Face bluring & pixelasations
  • Person anonymising
  • Pixel AES 128 BIT encryption
  • SDI input & output
  • File processing support
  • Live signal support SDI or HDMI inputs
  • Capture cards included
  • Support 1080p60 or up to 4kp60
  • Contains software and hardware
  • Ready to go solution
  • Easy controllability via web front-end
  • Internal artifical intellgence model store
  • Up to 4 NVIDIA GPU Cards & NVLINK


Here is the offical Pixelcam trailer where we activate one tracker with the lowest latency between 8-20 milliseconds.

This videos show another robust mode where we activated our three trackers and the latency still is under 20 milliseconds.

This video shows how we can make people unrecognizable in a video. All metadata like age, gender, clothing, action-activity are retained.


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