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REBOTNIX builds Intelligent solutions for longer runtimes of wind farms

REBOTNIX builds Intelligent solutions for longer runtimes of wind farms

More power production

The combination of intelligent software and powerful low-energy hardware is the key to sustainable success in areas such as smart city, recycling and production.

REBOTNIX have developed a solution for the system-relevant topic of renewable energies, in particular wind energy.

More electricity production by extending the service life of wind turbines.

The first generation of wind turbines are getting on in years and increasingly fail due to gearbox damage or mechanical damage, e.g. due to breakage of the blades, and thus do not supply any electricity. Increasingly, such failures lead to anomalies initiated by this damage, especially the transformers, catching fire and crippling entire wind farms.

The solution contains edge hardware, several sensor package like HD cameras, wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G as well satellite uplink.

Predictive maintenance approaches can prevent these outages through very early root cause detection.

The solution from Rebotnix relies on AI and fast data networks to warn operators of impending damage, and before any damage occurs.

This way, fast immediate actions can prevent the damage and extend the life cycle of the wind farm by several years.

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