We at REBOTNIX develop market shaping practices and products in terms of ethics, professional standards and risk management and reflect the values and issues that are most important to our clients when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence. As a responsible company, we strive to provide our clients with a service that is characterized and defined by the highest standards of professionalism. We view compliance globally and apply the same, highest possible standards to every part of our business, every office and every part of our technology.

For many years, REBOTNIX has striven to promote professionalism in the A.I. industry and set transparent standards for the delivery of new technologies.




Peter Simon and his team develop hardware to the highest technical standard. His passion for CNC machines and the secure and reliable production at rebotnix is more than just a vocation for Peter.



Gary Hilgemann has already successfully founded two technology companies. Customer satisfaction coupled with high-tech products and working in a great team to have fun are his passion.


Senior AI Developer


Lydia Ickler is a development engineer with heart and soul. She is an allround talent when it comes to complex requirements that go beyond the standard AI busisness. We are happy to have her on board.


Business Development & Organization


Without Cindy Simon rebotnix would not work. She is a genius at business strategies, procurement, purchasing and customer communications.


Sensors & Drivers

Liam Collister is responsible for sensor and driver development support. Things like lidar, GigE, POE, USB 3.0, CSI, ARM 64, Unix are part of his daily business.


A.I. Software

Sora Kaito develops state of the art machine learning algorithm. He knows everything about how to custom compile tensorflow, Yolo, mxnet and pytorch. He develops high optimized custom CUDA kernels for NVIDIA TensorRT for X86 and ARM based Systems.


Flashing Software & Security


Thomas Freja skills in security and update strategy have become so important to us that we cannot trust anyone else to deal with this critical issue. We are very happy that he is on board.


ARM Expert

Kai Koehler is a genius about ARM cpu´s. Over 15 years of professional experience make Kai a strong member when it comes to the development of ARM 64 BIT based applications.


Frontend Developer

Marc Krojewski knows everything about front-end development. He is the bridge between frontend and our backends. No one know more about NodeJS, JQuery or native Javascript.


International Business & Communications

Li Ming Zhū has a high degree in business administration and over 5 years of experience in international sales. She worked for numerous corporations and we are pleased that Li helps us to better understand the business cultures of other countries.


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