We listen to our customers and we included all features that our customers needs for stable wireless video broadcasting. The result is RB-2 / HD-SDI Wireless Video System. RB-2 is a hardware and software solution.

Broadcasting live events presents a challenge in the field, connecting the camera to the uplink gear stationed remotely. Rebotnix RB-2 Long Range HD SDI wireless video solution solves these problems by providing a robust link between the camera and RB-2 / HD-SDI Transmitter.

With multiple cameras spread out at the shooting area, a wireless link gives directors the freedom, flexibility and control needed to create the scene. RB-2 has  new capabilities such as bi-directional data transfer and enhanced multi-system operation, in addition to crystal clear HD picture quality and real-time advantages, RS-422 Control deck, Ethernet ports and a digital audio 2-way intercom. The transmitter-receiver modules are available in a variety of form factors, interfaces, and feature-sets. Rebotnix offers the most affordable HD Wireless modules available for the professional broadcast as well for the booming IP-Streaming market.

Massive CPU Power

Rebotnix uses highend compressed h.264 video quality and wireless signal transmission. You can choose between H.264 in high nitrate mode (50Mbit/Sec) as well low latency with low nitrate

The longest Range you can get with the standard antenna, 3 x 5dbi

The RB-2 HD-SDI has an optimized sender / receiver module that works in unlicensed 5GHZ band. With our standard 3 x 5DBI antennas on the receiver and sender you can reach a range to 900 Meters / 2.952 Feets in Line of sight. You are able to change and increase the range with the house-internal rebotnix antennas as well with any antenna which is able to support the 5.1 – 5.9 GHZ Freq. Spectrum.

The longest Range you can get with the optional RB-A3

The RB-A3 high gain antenna was developed for our RB-2 Transmitter and receiver system. With a 3 x 5dbi on the sender and one RB-A3, 3 x 16DBI on the receiver side, you can reach up to 2.500 Meters / 8.202 Feets. Here are some screenshots of the RB-A3 that we mount not RB-2 Receiver. The RB-2 was powered by an V140 Bebob Battery which give the system power for several hours HD-Broadcasting without charging.

Capture Engine Software

Every RB-2 customer have free access to our Capture Engine Desktop software. This software allows to use RB-2 as a Capture Card. The software has its own page and is located here.

Technical Specifications

RB-2 / HD-SDI Transmitter

  • Encrypted signal and data transmission
  • Rebotnix H.264 and Lossless Codec Implementation
  • Patented Motion Vector Estimation Algorythmen
  • 1 Frame of Delay
  • Licensed free 5.8GHZ frequency Band
  • Transmission Power 25mW – 200mW
  • Resolutions 1080p/50,1080p/60,1080/59.94i,1080/50i
    720/50p, 525i/59.94,625i/50,1080/24p
  • 7-16 Volt VMount
  • Operational – 0:40° C, 10%~90% humidity
  • Storage – 0:55° C, 10%~90% humidity
  • 2 Way Audio Digital Intercom
  • Ethernet Output Streaming
  • RS-422 Control Deck
  • Serial Data Channel over USB
  • UDP & RTSP IP Streaming over Wifi and Ethernet
  • External 3 x MIMO Antenna Technology
  • Support for Rebotnix 5GHZ Custom Made Antennas
  • 900 Meters Range in Line of Sight
  • rebotnix Software Encoder License


  • Freq. Modulators for 700 MHZ, 900 MHZ, 5.8 GHZ

RB-2 / HD-SDI Receiver

  • Encrypted signal and data transmission
  • 1 Frame of delay
  • Licensed free 5.8GHZ frequency Band
  • Up to 4 RB-2 receiver simultan
  • Up to unlimited receiver over Multicast
  • 1 SDI Outputs
  • 3 External Antenna Ports
  • SDI over 75 Ohm BNC
  • Power Options:V-Mount
  • rebotnix Software Decoder License

RB-2 Photos and Videos

Screenshots Antennas (optional)


You find our RB- Antennas here.

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